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"This is a game changer..."  South Dakota workshop attendee.

Business is change. If you are not leading change for your business someone else will, maybe a customer, a regulator, or a competitor. You can reactively respond to change, or, you can proactively exploit change for growth opportunities.

Change comes in many forms, new products, new services, customers, markets. New business models. Lean processes, green and sustainability improvements. And marketing messages.

With MAMTC's expert Innovation Engineering Black Belt® coaching, you can lead change for your company. You will be applying a SYSTEM that increases innovation speed (up to 6x) and decreases risk (up to 80%). You will be documenting a FUTURE GROWTH PIPELINE of projects for growing sales and profits. You and your company will have INCREASED CONFIDENCE and CAPABILITY to use innovation to grow sales from new and existing customers and markets.

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