Looking At The Big Picture

By Mark Chalfant on November 7, 2017 | Topics > Growth, Operations

As some of you know, I am stepping down as the leader of a great organization called MAMTC to work on the other side of the field. That is, I will be running a manufacturing organization, and I’m excited about the opportunities that come with a growing manufacturer. That said, there’s still a lot of work to be done in Kansas and in the U.S. overall.

I’ve had a great opportunity to run the MAMTC organization for the last four years, and I take pride in the accomplishments of the organization and the staff. MAMTC has grown in terms of expanding its abilities to better serve the Kansas manufacturing sector. There’s still a lot of work ahead, no doubt about it, but there remains a key, high functioning team in place to make it happen. And I know they will.

I heard the other day an interesting statistic. When shown this picture, or one like it, and then asked to describe what they see, 95% of the people say that they see a big white dot. Only 5% comment on the beauty of the larger picture, missing its impact and beauty. I may be off in the exact percentages, but the “big picture” of what is being stated is that individuals can often lose sight of the “bigger picture” by focusing too intently on something else. And many times, that something else is meaningless, off to the side, or non-important. It’s distracting, no doubt about it, and sometimes it takes extraordinary discipline to maintain focus on the bigger picture at hand.

Kansas manufacturers, keep focused on the bigger picture and not on the white dot. By doing this, you can keep growing, you can continue innovating, and you can keep achieving the best possible outcomes.