Loren Weeks

Regional Director

Loren is a result driven senior sales executive with over 12 years’ experience in technical and manufacturing disciplines. He is skilled at turnarounds, sales strategy, planning, and execution, defining appropriate CRM architecture to support the organization’s sales process, business development, team building, and coaching. Loren has led high performing sales teams in both direct and channel sales models to accelerate sales typically resulting in double digit annum growth. 

As a Regional Director for MAMTC, Loren will be working with manufacturing companies in Kansas City and across the state of KS on any aspect of their business to assist with any issue that is preventing outstanding success. 

Loren comes from a long linage of family in the construction and related trades and like them, even though he doesn’t use a hammer, he enjoys the process of building manufacturing companies and is passionate about manufacturing in America.  In 2001, when China joined the World Trade Organization, that was the beginning of a wholesale assault on US manufacturers.  We have lost much of our manufacturing base and Loren is here at MAMTC to do his part through the Department of Commerce to help make our Kansas manufacturers stronger and do our best to get the lost ones back.


10550 Barkley
Suite 116
Overland Park, KS 66212

Email: lweeks@mamtc.com

Call: (913) 967-1210