MEP Supply Chain

By MAMTC on February 17, 2016

MAMTC is the Kansas entity of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership, representing and working with the small and medium sized manufacturers across the state.  We routine look at and evaluate program offerings that we believe will be beneficial to those manufacturers in the state of Kansas.  Last year we brought ExporTech to the state, a robust and proven system for helping companies define a strategy for growing their sales and markets outside the borders of the US.

This year we are bringing to the state's manufacturers another proven program, that of Supply Chain Management.  Many companies in the manufacturing sector are presented with supply chain issues every day ranging from identification of new suppliers and materials through manufacturing transportation and distribution to customers. It is not uncommon for both complex, multi-national original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and small or mid-sized manufacturers in the U.S. to be faced with challenges. From reducing risk and volatility to identifying and collaborating with suppliers through understanding the true total cost of the supply chain, the situation must be assessed and a strategic solution implemented. For more information you can visit MEP supply chain website at or continue to follow MAMTC's blogs about upcoming Supply Chain events in Kansas.