By Mark Chalfant on April 13, 2016

This time of year, when people in the Kansas City area hear someone yell "MOOOOOOOOOSE" it probably has to do with the success of the Royals and their 3rd baseman, Mike Moustakas.  And while we greatly support the Royals, we also greatly support those companies that we work with.

At MAMTC, we take great pride in our work, as do each of our client companies.  Periodically a company's product will get featured in a local newspaper, or a trade magazine, or something along those lines.  When this happens, we say "Hey, we've done work with that company and look at the stuff they're doing now!"

Jakobe Furniture is one of those companies.  Check out some of their work at the Blue Moose in Kansas City.

MAMTC has done a couple of projects with Jakobe Furniture over the years, most recently in the Sustainability and Energy Management areas.  Check out a success story on our work with Jakobe Furniture.