More Than Tools, Lean Six Sigma is a Transformative Process

By Guest Blogger on June 6, 2016

What is a Lean Six Sigma transformation or journey?  It’s a process that is truly about solving problems that negatively impact growth.

People know a lot about the buzz tools, but often miss the heart of what Lean Six Sigma is.  We get locked in to what Dr. Deming discusses when he talks about Lean, but fail to realize that the discussion goes further.

Lean Six Sigma is so very much more than just 6S, Value Stream Mapping, Process Mapping, Visual Work Place, and other tools.

Those are helpful tools, but they are just that… tools.

Tools are used to fix problems.  And chances are one tool will not fix a problem.  Using a socket to loosen a bolt will not work if there is a nut on the other end that requires a tool to keep it from turning.

As a business leader or practitioner of Lean Six Sigma you have to be focused on resolving the problem — not just using a fancy tool.

MAMTC understands Problem Solving, and we can help with your transformation or journey.  You don’t have to do it alone.