Instant Sustainability

By MAMTC on June 30, 2016

The 4th of July.  When I think of this holiday, I think of extravagant aerials blowing up in the sky.  Lots of sparkles and shimmers and multitudes of colors coming together to entertain us.  Not to ignore the loud aerial thunders as the shells explode in the air.

Typically, when we think of a great aerial fireworks show, it might last 15 to 20 minutes, exploding dozens of shells in the process.  This means that each individual shell is ignited, catapulted into the sky, then explodes into the colors, shapes and noises that we see all in the matter of a few seconds.  Talk about instantaneous gratification!

Let’s counter the idea of instantaneous gratification with one of MAMTC’s service offerings, Sustainability.  More often than not, sustainability conjures up images of mother earth.  Or thoughts of how our environment is impacted by our everyday decisions that affect our environment.  Or ensuring that our planet will survive long after we’re gone.  It has to do with long term and long lasting impacts on our daily decisions.

MAMTC’s Sustainability program reflects another aspect of a manufacturer being able to continuously improve a variety of activities within their facility to reduce waste and costs.

Merging Environmental, Societal and Economic concerns

Sustainability has become a driver of economic growth as global demands for diminishing resources increase, renewable and alternative energy technology needs expand, and as environmental concerns heighten.

The MEP system across the nation and MAMTC within the state of Kansas are partnering on federal initiatives to help companies: 1) gain a competitive edge by reducing environmental costs and impact; and 2) enter new markets by developing environmentally focused materials, products, and processes.

Every manufacturer knows that energy is expensive. In fact, 30% of all energy usage in the U.S. is linked to manufacturing – at a staggering annual cost of $200 billion.

Appallingly, 58% of the total energy produced in the U.S. is wasted due to inefficiencies – anything that gets hot (motors, lights, etc.) is wasting energy.

But many manufacturing executives believe that they can’t do much to improve these stats.
Not true. At all.

Most energy costs can be managed, and MAMTC’s sustainability experts can help you do it. Our energy engineers have decades of experience in industrial energy management, and have helped thousands of clients reduce their energy costs.

Your energy cost problems may include:

  • Older lighting that needs to be updated
  • High compressed air costs
  • Inefficient heating and cooling systems
  • Problematic control systems, or
  • Any other pain point

Still not sure it’s worth it to your bottom line? Over the past 20 years, coal prices have jumped by 74%. Since 1994, natural gas prices have risen a surprising 104%. By 2030, experts project that commercial electricity prices will jump at least 33%.

Improvements by you in your energy costs will impact your company’s bottom line.  It will impact your community, your state, your world….for a long time to come.  Again, it’s all about long term and long lasting impacts based on decisions made TODAY.