The Key to Transformation

By Mark Chalfant on August 30, 2016

I began my day with a little light reading. As fate would have it, I came across a blog that covers something very important to business and foundational to a business’s ability to transform from present to the future: culture.

Today most businesses are concerned with doing specific things and hanging their hat on that. Our goal at MAMTC is to find ways to make businesses more profitable while positioning them to be in business for years to come. Like any business, we wanted to improve on our offering and sat down and thought about how best to do that. Taking stimuli from other areas and reviewing lessons learned, we decided what businesses really need is transformation.

It's not enough to just go out and fix a problem anymore. If you think about it, there is nothing revolutionary about fixing a problem that should not have been there to begin with. DFSS … DUGH! What we must do is change the way and why of business. In a word, culture.

Every process, policy, and procedure is wrapped in culture. You can’t just take Lean Six Sigma off the shelf and implement it in a business. Taking it straight out of the book usually does not work. Lean Six Sigma has to be tailored to fit the culture of the business; and sometimes the culture has to change in order to succeed in the future.

If it sounds like I’m all over the place, I am. That's because most business are all over the place, too. You have to get your arms around everything, and then come up with a plan that will address the business as a whole. You can’t save a building that’s on fire by applying water to just one spot. You would save the spot, but lose the building. The objective is to save the entire building, including the spot.

This is what transformation is about: Looking at the whole business and coming up with a plan to project the business into the future to ensure sustainment and growth for years to come.

It takes dedication and commitment because it does not happen overnight. Same tools, but different perspective, different approach, and different focus. The future of your organization is bright; just start the transformation.

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