Celebrating Manufacturing Workers this Labor Day

By MAMTC on September 2, 2016 | Topics > Workforce

Manufacturing is the 6th largest employment sector in the U.S. and through its technological advances, America maintains its competitive advantage in the global marketplace with streamlined operations that offer quality products at lower cost.

More specific to Kansas, the National Association of Manufacturing (NAM) reports that manufacturing in Kansas totaled $19.32 billion in 2014. These numbers are from approximately 3,000 manufacturing companies employing more than 161,000 individuals across the state. Manufacturing in Kansas is diverse in its variety, with the majority of the companies being grouped into a Food, Beverage and Tobacco products category.

The 161,000 jobs in the manufacturing sector is an important statistic as well. The average annual compensation of these individuals is almost $66,000. Contrast this number against the average annual salary of $43,157 for nonfarm businesses and you can see why individuals are eager to get into manufacturing as a career field.

But there remains a great deal of work to be done to fill all the jobs available in manufacturing including entry level. MAMTC is partnering with many community and technical colleges around the state to provide workforce training. These entities, along with manufacturing companies across the state, are gearing up for Manufacturing Day 2016.

October 7th, Manufacturing Day 2016

With the skills gap looming, Manufacturing DaySM is an opportunity to give students a first-hand personal learning experience about manufacturing, which can help them when it comes time to make career decisions. The number of Manufacturing Day events being held is growing every day, but have you considered opening your doors for a tour? Here are just a few benefits of getting involved:

  1. Showcase your operation and how you contribute to the manufacturing sector, local community, and future plans.
  2. Receive attention from the media by inviting public officials to your event.
  3. Enhance your future employee recruiting efforts by opening the minds of future generations to see that this isn't your grandfather's manufacturing sector.
  4. Develop mutually beneficial relationships with local schools and organizations that could lead to apprenticeship and internship programs creating future skilled employees.
  5. Take pride in being a part of the exciting movement that is changing the perception of modern manufacturing.

Check out this video to learn more about how participating in MFG DAY can help attract your future workforce....