Your Opinion Matters

By Mark Chalfant on September 16, 2016

Each year, Manufacturing Day celebrates the power and positive contribution of manufacturing. Events take place across the country that help inform and inspire the next generation of manufacturers.

But, how will they know if their efforts are having a positive impact on public perception? Participating organizations offer a standardized exit survey to find out.

According to survey data from 2015:

Last year more than 80 percent of MFG DAY attendees were convinced by what they saw that manufacturing provides interesting and rewarding careers and more than 60% were motivated to want to pursue careers in the industry. These kinds of impressions are critical if the industry is to be able to recruit and hire appropriately skilled employees over the coming years.

Not only is it important for organizations to offer such a survey, but it's equally important that participants share their candid feedback. We hope you'll participate in an event during this year's Manufacturing Day on October 7, and share your thoughts about the experience.

Your opinion matters.

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