MAMTC Client Satisfaction Surveys – “Physician, Heal Thyself”

By Steve Davis on December 2, 2016

In an earlier blog, I pointed out that Manufacturing Extension Partnerships like MAMTC that exist in all 50 states have created numerous partnerships with universities, community colleges, and third party providers of every stripe.  With a relatively small staff of 10 or 12 in Kansas, MAMTC knows full well that it cannot by itself provide all that is required to help our state’s manufacturers remain competitive.   We are very proud of the partnerships we have forged to date and we continue to look for others who can join us to that end.

These surveys are an important measure of the quality of work that is done, as measured in terms of economic impacts. They reflect whether MAMTC and our various partners are truly having a positive impact.

But …. If you are a manufacturer and you have been asked to respond to a survey about the quality of the work you received from MAMTC, you would not be alone if you found yourself puzzled by the request.

Allow me to explain.  Perhaps, MAMTC or one of its partners, discovered that you had a need to establish a new or improved MRP/ERP system at your facility.  Or maybe you required some training of existing or future employees in a skilled workplace need such as welding or safety or leadership skills.  With our numerous partners and 3rd party service provider network across Kansas, these kinds of needs are frequently discovered and we are happy to jointly provide these services wherever and whenever required. 

To be sure, there is little or no confusion regarding surveys of work performed directly by MAMTC managers.  But quite often, when MAMTC enjoins our partners who provide their services, you, our valued clients, may have almost no knowledge of the part MAMTC played in this process.  While in fact, it is MAMTC that likely locates and hires our partners as service providers, when you get a survey request to evaluate how well “MAMTC” did in the process, your response has often been …. “Who the heck (or worse) is MAMTC …  we’ve worked with HCC or FSCC or KCKCC or an MRP consultant …but again, who is MAMTC???”  On those projects where MAMTC project managers are NOT those performing direct work for a company, this confusion often remains.

At MAMTC, we have long prided ourselves as experts in the business of providing continuous Improvement systems to our Kansas manufacturers.  But as one far wiser than I once said, “physician, heal thyself”.  We are taking that advice very much to heart.  And while we can’t yet claim to arrive at perfection, we are working to help you and our partners know much more about who we are, how we function with so many of those around our state who are in the business of helping you, and why surveying you is so vitally important to us. 

MAMTC, and the national MEP system, typically looks at the economic impact in terms of 12 months; the numbers in the graphic at the top of this post reflect the most current 12 months of survey data at the national level. The blue graphic immediately above indicate the economic impacts that we're having at a state level. So the next time you’re asked to respond to a survey about MAMTC’s services, please know that MAMTC is that name that represents many service providers all of whose aim is to improve the competitiveness of our Kansas manufacturers.  And we’ll keep working to continuously improve our necessary and extremely important survey process to better serve you.