What time is it?

By Mark Chalfant on December 21, 2016

There is so much to do and I really don’t have time to stop and write this blog…   I’m just like you.  My boss gives objectives that need to be accomplished to ensure a successful business, and sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to do everything.  Yet… here I am writing.  Your business is the same way.  As you ponder rather or not it’s time to embark upon a Continuous Journey, ask yourself one simple question.  Was 2016 all I wanted it to be?  Only you know, and are you being honest with yourself.  2016 has revealed many things to me, and taught me one thing for sure… I can’t do it all, and I can’t do it alone.  Everybody has a different skill set and that’s why the acronym of “TEAM” is so true.  Together Everyone Achieves More.  In a business everyone should complement each other.  When cooking that holiday meal, you add seasoning to make it taste better.  Sometimes the trick is knowing when to add the seasoning.

What time is it?  Maybe it’s time to add some MAMTC seasoning to your team.  We are experts in improvement.  Manufacturing, healthcare, it does not matter.  Everyone wants their organization to be better at what they do.  It’s been said that the same level of knowledge that has gotten you to where you are will not get you to where you want to be.  It’s true; if it were not, then you would be where you want to be already.  Think about it.

What time is it in your organization?  Is it time to add some seasoning or is it time to hope things get better.  Let’s talk, it does not cost you anything to see if we can help 785-493-8024. Or feel free to email me.

From us to you… HAPPY HOLIDAYS!