MAMTC’s value is….

By Scott Wedel on January 5, 2017

When I was growing up, my dad always told me “nothing is free in this world…you have to work for it”.  Fast forward a few years, and the same adage applies.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some things offered at no cost to the recipient, but that doesn’t mean they are free.  Somewhere in the chain of providing a service or product, there are funds being exchanged to offset the underlying costs of that service or product.  MAMTC’s world is no different.  

As Kansas’ representative of the national MEP (Manufacturing Extension Partnership) network, MAMTC provides consulting services to manufacturing companies around the sunflower state.  These services solve a wide variety of issues that are preventing these companies from growing and being more competitive at a local or global level.  MAMTC receives partial funding from the MEP program to deliver these services and to assist the state’s community colleges and technical schools in their workforce development curriculum offered to the state’s manufacturers.

Although MAMTC receives partial funding, this does not cover all of the costs to serve the entire state and deliver subject matter expertise.  Therefore, MAMTC charges a very competitive market rate for our services, mainly to retain a viable business status.  Feedback from past clients indicates that these fees are recovered quite quickly through the operational improvements and efficiencies that are realized through the implementation of MAMTC’s recommendations and guidance.

When a manufacturing company located in Kansas is in need of solving an issue or specialized training at a very competitive cost, MAMTC is the source to call upon.  Although our services are not free, they are tailored for manufacturers and will produce a rate of return that will make them seem free.