Cybersecurity: 21st Century Threats to Business

By Tiffany Stovall on January 24, 2017

At MAMTC, we have been tossing around the term “Cyber Security” for quite some time as a topic of interest we should be sharing with manufacturers. The more I learn about the very real threats to companies through malicious software (often called malware), and ransomware, the more I am convinced that we should all be doing something to educate ourselves and combat this threat.

We are all familiar with the phishing emails that may sneak past our spam filters, and have heard about websites and such being compromised, but what does it all REALLY mean?

Ransomware is just that, the malicious software encrypts your files and blocks your access to your own data until you pay a ransom. And by ransom, I mean up to $40,000 or more. In these times of increasing interconnectivity and digital data, what does it mean to you and your company if you cannot access your digital data? What if one of these criminals attacked your business?

One of our colleagues, Kathleen Martin, IT Security Officer at NIST MEP, wrote an informative blog that sets out to answer these questions and more. She explores what the threats are, what to do if you are infected, and how to prevent attacks on your data. Take a look at the blog at this link here. Don't Let Your Business Be Digitally Kidnapped

What are your thoughts? What are you doing to combat cyber criminals and protect your data?