Why haven’t I heard from you lately?

By Steve Davis on February 7, 2017

Much has transpired over the past few years with respect to your Manufacturing Extension Partner here in Kansas – MAMTC as you may better know us.  Not unlike other agencies in the state of Kansas, we’ve been working to continue to assist Kansas manufacturers despite somewhat reduced state supplied resources.

Just as we help direct our manufacturing clients in doing more with less, we have during the past few years, developed a network of partners across the state that are now able to provide many of the training and other services that we traditionally provided in past years.

So … again the question: “why haven’t you heard from MAMTC lately?”  Well, in fact you have though it’s likely you weren’t aware of it.  Permit me to explain.  Where MAMTC in Kansas once had numerous field engineers and trainers providing contract services to manufacturers throughout the state, we now use some of our resources to join with our partners in continuing to provide these and other services.  “Our” clients are indeed our clients – but with perhaps a more direct relationship with the partners with whom we contract.  Indeed, you likely know about our partner even though you may not have “heard” directly from MAMTC.

While we have certainly maintained and even expanded our ability to assist Kansas manufacturers through this network of partnerships, we must quickly point out that MAMTC continues to DIRECTLY serve our client manufacturers with those services for which we are best known.    Lean Manufacturing, Continuous Improvement, Sustainability, and Workforce Development, are among those services that continue to be specialties directly provided by MAMTC engineers and consultants.

While in recent years, we may not have always been good at making our presence known to you, please know that our MAMTC in-house specialists combined with those of our numerous partners and third party providers have been and will continue to remain on the job assisting manufacturers all across Kansas.