MAMTC’s New Approach: A Letter from the CEO

By Mark Chalfant on February 15, 2017

For over 25 years, MAMTC has helped our clients achieve success. We’ve worked with hundreds of Kansas manufacturers, helping them optimize their operations, develop their workforce, and see real growth in their businesses. Our team of engineers and business experts has developed impactful solutions to real manufacturing problems.

Over the years, we’ve had questions come up in areas outside of our expertise and have referred our clients to third parties specializing in those areas. In doing so, we’ve developed a strong network of trusted specialists.

We want that network to be as impactful as possible for our clients. So, we’re establishing more formalized partnerships between our clients, our network of vetted specialists, and MAMTC.

That way, even as these specialists advise you in particular areas, MAMTC will be involved, to better guide your overall growth and success.

Think of us as a hub. No matter what your manufacturing need—whether it’s in the production plant or the back office or the digital marketplace—we’ll connect you to the appropriate resource. And we’ll remain central to that relationship.

Our expertise in the business of manufacturing hasn’t changed. But our services are expanding, thanks to the collaboration between our in-house team and our network of partners. We believe this shift will deliver even more impressive results for our clients and Kansas manufacturing overall.

Our tagline, “Creating Growth,” has always been about our customers. And as MAMTC’s menu of expertise grows, we’re confident our clients will continue to see even greater success.

If you’re a manufacturer and you need help, make us your first call. We’re excited to work together.

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