Kansas Mower Manufacturer Featured at 'Made in America' Week

By MAMTC on July 28, 2017

On July 17th, 2017, the Grasshopper Co. presented their products at the White House for 'Made in America' week. This week was named as such to help promote products made here in the United States. At the beginning of the week, President Trump hosted a product showcase, during which businesses from all 50 states were able to highlight their products. The types of products ranged from neon signs to shotgun caps.

Grasshopper products have been used by the White House groundskeepers since 2003 to mow laws, remove snow, as well as for leaf collection. The company chose to display a Grasshopper Model 727T-EFI FrontMount mower, which was situated outside the White House's Rose Garden.

President Trump and VP Pence view Grasshopper Mower

Representatives from the company, Trent Guyer and Sean Mudgett,  were also present to discuss challenges and opportunities facing manufacturers in the United States like taxation, regulation, and labor readiness and availability with the President, Vice President, senior White House staff, and Congressional leaders.

MAMTC's subrecipient partner, Hutchinson Community College, has had the opportunity to help the Grasshopper Co. develop their workforce through various training sessions. MAMTC subrecipient partners, like Hutchinson Community College, help MAMTC broaden its ability to reach manufacturers across the state of Kansas by offering training sessions, events and other resources manufacturers need.