Do you know the way to…Quinter, Kansas?

By Mark Chalfant on August 8, 2017

Quinter, Kansas Sign

Previous blogs on the MAMTC site have discussed our organizational mission. That is, we work with the state’s 3100 manufacturers to help them be successful and grow their operation. This includes companies that are within the urban areas of the state as well as the rural areas of the state. There are manufacturers in all corners of the state, and we’re proud to say we’ve worked with many of them.

Our blogs and newsletters have also talked about our new business model of being the one call for a manufacturer facing a challenge. While we still work with companies in the areas of continuous improvement and lean transformation, we recognize that companies face other challenges as well in their day to day efforts. These might be HR, product design, market expansion strategies, leadership training, new regulatory compliance issues, etc.

To aid companies across the state that are facing challenges of wide diversity, we have started the MAMTC Alliance Partner (MAP) program. These are subject matter experts in a wide variety of areas, vetted by MAMTC. One of the questions when vetting a potential MAP individual or organization is whether they or their team will also cover the state, meeting with clients no matter where they are located. To that end, I often ask if they’d be willing to serve a company in Quinter. Some of them know where Quinter is, and if they do, chances are that means they’ve traveled the state as part of their job.

My first connection to Quinter was many years ago when I met Galen Huffman from Formation Plastics, Quinter is a town with 918 people, and the entire county has approximately 2,600 people. But there is at least one manufacturer there, and we’ve worked with them at various times over the years. The same can be said for Elkhart, Bird City, Baxter Springs, Wathena and other small communities across the state.

So next time you’re driving and you see some small, rural community think about the fact that there’s probably a manufacturing company in that community providing jobs to residents, and they’re facing the same challenges that other manufacturers in more urban areas.

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