About Our Clients

Across the state of Kansas, there are approximately 3,100 manufacturers ranging in size from 1 employee to over 19,000, for a total of about 161,000 people in the manufacturing sector.

Throughout our history, the experts at MAMTC have worked with Kansas manufacturing companies both large and small, established and new, in need of minor and major improvements to their manufacturing processes.

And as the only federally supported MEP center in Kansas offering a full range of management consulting services, MAMTC is the ideal manufacturing partner to help your business grow.

With offices across the state, our experienced manufacturing consultants are nearby to help with a customized solution. And since we work with various partners and third-party professional services firms across Kansas, we can leverage those partnerships to serve you, the manufacturer.

Project Map

Our project map shows locations of clients we've served for the previous four quarters.

Manufacturing Establishment Density and Clients Served*

* Over the most recent four quarters

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