WEBINAR: The benefits of ergonomics on manufacturing

Wednesday, November 28, 2018 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm


Complimentary Webinar: The Benefits of Ergonomics on Manufacturing

You don't have to bend over backwards to see the benefits of ergonomics on manufacturing profitability.  Plus, bending over backwards is not an ergonomic recommendation. 

This free webinar will show the value of ergonomics for manufacturers. 

OSHA defines Ergonomics simply as “the study of work”. More specifically, ergonomics is the science of designing the job to fit the worker, rather than physically forcing the worker's body to fit the job.

In ergonomics, the worker is the central figure.  That means fitting the job to the worker’s capabilities.  Ergonomics is NOT implementing the latest stretching program (although that may play a role in decreasing injuries), but it IS about looking at the tasks that are being performed and matching them with the capabilities of the worker to minimize injury risk and maximize quality and efficiency.

Brandi Farris Miller from Apex Ergonomics and Workplace Solutions will talk about the benefits manufacturers can realize to their bottom line from awareness and implementation of ergonomic considerations.   What you don't know could hurt your manufacturing business, employees or both.