Product Development and Innovation

Getting a high quality product out of the door in a timely manner has its hurdles.  This is especially challenging if you have a new, innovative product and attempt to develop it with new technology, such as automation.  

From listening to our manufacturing customers, these issues seem to be more common than not.  Here are some of the conerns they have expressed to us about their product development and innovation.  Recognize any of these?

  • Lack of capacity
  • Scheduling problems
  • High re-work/scrap rate
  • Excessive equipment downtime
  • High changeover
  • Equipment maintenance issues
  • Raw material availability
  • Inexperience with automation

If you have similar concerns as other Kansas manufacturers that we have worked with, you now know that you are not alone.  Talk with MAMTC to find out if we can help you with product development and innovation in order to get your quality product out the door.   CONTACT US