Business Optimization

Not all manufacturers face challenges in their production plants. Many have issues with their business operations.  It can be difficult to focus on manufacturing a product and running a business operation at the same time.  Some of the needs our manufacturing customers have informed us about are:  

  • Planning for growth and the issues that come with being successful
  • Creating a strategic plan that provides us a direction towards growth
  • Ensuring that we minimize legal risk with our product and the customer
  • Developing a marketing plan
  • Making sure that we are following employment regulations
  • Developing an employee package, including benefits, employee handbook and SOPs
  • Using cost accounting to make sure we are profitable
  • How can we use tax laws to our benefit
  • Making sure our blueprints, trade secrets and data are secure 
  • What ERP platform should we use
  • How do I plan to exit my business
  • Where can we find money to improve our business 

MAMTC is aware that business operations can be the most challenging part of running a manufacturing business for people who are manufacturing experts, especially for smaller sized manufacturers.  MAMTC has created a large network of vetted partners who we can partner with to solve your business operation challenges, allowing you to focus more on what you love to do; manufacture your product.  

Contact us to help you develop your business operations.