Financing solutions for manufacturers enable sustainable competitiveness.  Limited funds or other critical resources reduce the ability of an organization to take advantage of business opportunities, inhibits growth, drains the team’s energy and time, and increases the risk of failure.  Financial prudence and access to capital are key to a company’s growth and diversification. 

MAMTC is pleased to offer a variety of services to help manufacturers reduce their operating expense and obtain resources to access capital. 

Cost Reduction

Learn how to reduce the cost of your product without sacrificing quality. 

Overhead Reduction

Even after a business has performed its own cost reduction initiatives, we can still help reduce your non-core costs even more.

Tax Implications

For many U.S. manufacturing companies, the R&D tax credit remains one of the quickest ways to accelerate their growth and bottom line profitability.  The US government awards over $7.5 Billion in federal R&D Tax Credits each year. Additionally, changes in taxes laws can positively impact a manufacturer's tax responsiblity.

Access to Capital

We know that access to capital can be challenging.   We can help you develop the right capital strategy and provide access to numerous funding sources, including national and regional banks, private investors, grant programs, and non-traditional sources.


With effective financial management, continuous improvement and a business assessment, the organization can reduce spending and provide financial structure in order to create a proactive approach to financial performance goals and objectives.

Contact MAMTC and start to make your money work for you.