Supplier Management

Supply Chain Optimization

Program Overview

Reducing risk. Increasing visibility. Building stronger manufacturers.

The MEP Supply Chain optimization program is a strategic approach to solving the challenges of U.S. manufacturers by promoting a better flow of product from suppliers to customers resulting in reduced costs, improved quality and shortened lead times.

A Strategic Approach to Supply Chain Optimization

Within the Supply Chain Optimization program, MEP centers are the only resource able to help you focus on the critical areas of the supply chain at all levels; from the top tier through all supporting tiers and value chains down to the lowest tier. Based on a Theory of Constraints methodology, MEP centers improve supply chain performance by quantifying the needs of the supply chain and focusing on improving the points in the process which are impeding the throughput of the entire supply chain.


Since 1989, MEP has utilized its expertise completing more than 490,000 customer engagements using its unique, boots-on-the-ground model to resolve the challenges experienced by U.S. manufacturers. The Supply Chain Optimization initiative leverages that expertise and knowledge to provide manufacturers an opportunity to create stronger supply chains that function at advanced levels. MEP centers throughout the U.S. have the capability to provide a customized and collaborative solution to an organizations’ supply chain improvement needs in a consistent approach in every state. MEP leverages its network to provide local assistance for planning, training and implementation, including:

  • Change Management
  • Lean/Six Sigma Enterprise
  • Theory of Constraints
  • Demand Planning
  • Product Development
  • Six Sigma
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Strategic Energy Management
  • Sourcing & Logistics
  • Risk Identification/Mitigation
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Collaborative Product Development
  • Supplier Scouting
  • Workforce Effectiveness
  • Leadership Development

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What to Expect

Manufacturers that commit to this journey can rely upon expert coaching and mentoring from America’s most trusted source for manufacturing competitiveness. We will guide you through a transfer of knowledge that supports building a strategy from which tactics and subsequent implementation occur. Manufacturers can expect to be better positioned to develop, source, manufacture, and distribute superior products at lower total costs; as well as to increase revenue, profit and shareholder value faster than competitors.

Where to Begin

The MEP path to Supply Chain Optimization begins with a quick, current state assessment of your organization’s supply chain depth and sophistication using the SCO Vitality Quiz. If gaps are identified, or a stronger network desired, we recommend a deeper dive into the MEP supply chain methodology through the SCO Leadership Overview. This session will provide manufacturing leaders with a deeper dive into the benefits and approach our program offers.

After the formal introduction, we can begin to develop a supply chain strategy, or guiding compass for optimization activities. This stage begins with an 18-question online assessment, which provides a measure for the maturity of an organization’s supply chain.

Following a review of the assessment’s findings, it’s time to dive into the initial strategy development session that includes a detailed network analysis. Here, the MEP SCO team will assist companies in understanding the critical areas controlling the performance of the entire supply chain, including risk management and total cost of ownership, and develop a plan to foster collaboration among its supply chain members.

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Optimization Roadmap

MEP’s Supply Chain Optimization consists of a strategic, consultative approach to convert supply chain strategy into tangible supply chain collaboration thereby equipping manufacturers with the tools needed to resolve gaps and increase competitiveness. MEP leverages its proven boots-on-the-ground national network to deploy strategy and implementation consistently and effectively.

[Reference the Supply Chain Optimization Roadmap handout]

Sample of Companies Involved in MEP SCO

Sample of Companies Involved in MEP SCO