Workforce Solutions

Attract, Retain and Develop a Skilled Workforce 

Attracting, retaining and developing the workforce is among the most critical challenges manufacturers are currently facing.    

Employees are the fuel that powers the engine that is your manufacturing business.  Let's fill up your tank.

MAMTC helps manufacturers resolve their workforce needs through such tactics as proper hiring practices, creating exceptional employee experiences and career development training.  Our programs provide value added benefits, including improving your bottom line.

MAMTC’s workforce services include:


  • Outreach programs
  • Identifying the right candidates
  • Analyzing to select the correct candidate
  • Diversity and inclusion hiring practices


  • Compenstation package planning
  • New employee on-boarding
  • Coaching and training 
  • Performance incentives
  • Career advancement structures


  • Stellar employee identification programs
  • Effective employee review and succession planning
  • Leadership development training

Benefits that you may experience from our Workforce Solutions include:

  • Increased employee tenure and reduce turnover
  • Increase employee satisfaction, performance and productivity. (this can lead to positive word of mouth advertising about the employee experience at your business)
  • Reduce expenses related to recruiting, hiring, firing and productivty losses from unfilled positions
  • Improvement of your bottom line

MAMTC also has a large network of vetted partners that can assist you with the business operations of your manufacturing company.  This can include Human Resource related opportunities.

Henke Manufacturing  has 100+ years of experience in the design and manufacture of snowplows and other attachments.  They recognized a production skills gap with employees and also need to grow their employee base as their business grew.  MAMTC was able to assist. 


Let's talk about what MAMTC can do for your workforce needs.