Lean Six Sigma

Company Profile

Founded over 10 years ago, Ridge Enterprises has built a solid reputation of high quality and service by manufacturing Natural gas Reciprocating or Rotary Screw Compressor units. Ridge Enterprises was founded on two basic principals: Integrity and Customer Satisfaction.

Ridge Enterprises has worked diligently to develop and patent custom equipment to aid equipment in the industry.  They have overcome growing pains to better position the business for growth and fluctuations in the market.


Over the years Ridge Enterprises has manufactured Natural Gas Pumps for various companies.  A certain large manufacturer is now requesting that Ridge Enterprise review its business structure and consider being their preferred manufacturer for this product. This would represent a significant increase in both production numbers as well as requirements. Ridge Enterprise is a small company that is also looking to improve its position within the industry.  In order to meet the increased demand Ridge Enterprise will have to adapt its current business model in order to achieve success with the growth plan.

Ridge Enterprise’s goal is to implement Lean Six Sigma and address opportunities relating to ISO requirements from their OEM client. The equipment that is produced needs to be done in a manner and environment that is conducive to support a repeatable, reproducible and sustainable process.  Leadership desires to embark upon a commitment to implement some foundational and advanced principals of Lean Six Sigma.


MAMTC educated and mentored personnel to facilitate the establishment of a sustainable Continuous Improvement / Lean Six Sigma program. MAMTC educated management personnel to approach daily activities from a calculated perspective to ensure an acceptable predictable output each time. MAMTC used tools and techniques to Educate, Mentor and Coach Ridge Enterprise’s personnel to establish a foundation and achieve its objectives.


New Manufacturing Location. The business has moved to a new manufacturing site that is almost 10X larger than the old facility. Management was able to negotiate a contract to cover the next 5-7 years with extremely favorable terms for both parties.

Refined Business Structure. Ridge now has revised business practices to protect the business from undefined agreements between the company and the customers. Documented quality measures have been implemented to protect the company and promote quality at the highest level.

Filed Provisional Patent. One of the custom pieces of equipment was selected as a key growth item and a possible international opportunity. Paperwork was file and documentation submitted for the Provisional Patent.

As a result of working with MAMTC on the Lean Six Sigma implementation project, Ridge Enterprises reported the following metrics; $2,000,000 in new and retained sales; $695,000 in cost savings; and $200,000 in new investments into the facility.


"The intervention that MAMTC provided has allowed us to identify and restructure key elements of our business process and foundational practices that has better positioned us for future growth and sustainability. We would not have been able to do this on our own. Our contact at MAMTC was very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. We look forward to continued learning and application of beneficial business practices and techniques." - Jeff Base, CEO