Technology Acceleration

Small manufacturers often lack the staff, technical expertise, and general wherewithal to stay abreast of emerging technologies and processes.

This creates a gap.

On one side are the technological innovations in manufacturing that drive supply chains. On the other side is the inability of many small manufacturers to adopt these technologies due to cost or lack of in-house know-how.

Technology acceleration can help your manufacturing business close that gap and grab your place in the supply chain. It helps you solve business problems, pursue opportunities, and be more competitive.

At MAMTC, we define “technology acceleration” as integrating technology into the products, processes, services, and business models of manufacturers.

MAMTC is part of a federally funded network of centers that support manufacturers in tech acceleration. We can help you integrate or enhance your company’s use of technology for:

  • Product design and prototyping
  • New product development
  • Lean systems
  • Design for manufacture (DFM) or assembly (DFA)
  • Machine and equipment design
  • Strategic business development
  • Supplier development
  • Quality management and control, and
  • Technology scouting/Technology-driven market intelligence.

It’s time to get your company up to speed. Give us a call today.